Squad Operations

Static Guards

Uniformed guards are provided for all locations; Residential, Offices & Business Parks, Embassies, Retailers, Industrial, High Rise Building. We are committed to producing the highest standards of service with a keen emphasis on training and development at our Waterfalls office. Every guard receives induction training in health & safety issues, fire safety, report writing as well as site-specific instructions. As our representation in the field, our highly trained guards are encouraged to take pride in their work and appearance. With our team of experienced and fully trained officers we can protect your business and staff therefore providing a safe environment and peace of mind. We can provide armed guards with specific approval from the Ministry of Home Affairs. Weapons are provided where there are sensitive areas or cash movement, rather than for residential areas.

Roving Supervisors

Our guards are “spot” checked by their area supervisors to maintain our high standards and monitor our guards. These visits by supervisors and/or Managers help ensure the guards remain fully alert, aware of their environment & up to date with training, also providing a platform for any problems or ideas to be discussed. These visits may also allow us to obtain feedback from our clients building towards a stronger professional relationship with all our clients.

Residential Security Guards

We understand the importance of feeling safe in your own home, so our patrolling guards can provide peaceful sleep and a secure family life. Our experienced guards not only act as a deterrent but by being linked with panic buttons to our reaction team we can protect you and your neighbours coming to your assistance in record time. We would provide excellent security year round whether you and your family are in town or away.

Searching Of Client Employees

We understand that sensitivity is paramount in certain circumstances and our guards would act with the upmost discretion ensuring there is minimal in-house theft and corruption.

2 Way Radio Communications

Our radios allow close communications between our control room and our satellite guards, therefore ensuring that any point all our guards have back-up in the event of a situation beyond the capabilities of just one person.

Security Surveys

We will send in our experienced operations managers to study your business, giving you a professional recommendation to meet your requirements and advising on the strengths and weaknesses of your current security situation, providing advice and ideas with what would benefit you the most.

Rapid Responce

We have a proven track record of providing guard services countrywide for commercial,industrial and residential properties. Services Include:
  • Armed guards
  • Retail Guards
  • Hotel guards
  • Bank guards
  • Guard dogs and handlers.
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